About us

Welcome to SESCI! We are an established non-profit organization that helps to endorse and promote travel and tourism in Canada. Tourism is one of the major avenues which attract millions of people to this beautiful country. For any person visiting and traveling around in Canada, transportation is one of the key things. Whether you are going to work, visiting new cities and sight-seeing or simply heading to the airport or your conference, you need to ensure to have the right kind of transportation with the best services provided. SESCI aims to promote the best transportation companies that ensure to provide the most professional customer service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to aware the people of Canada of the best transportation company and service sharing client experiences with different companies in Canada. We will bring you the latest tips and traveling news while also sharing valuable info on how you can make your traveling experience in Canada a remarkable one. Ensure the best transportation service is provided by all the companies is the main aim of SESCI