Regarding Changsha so you can Asia: Sexy Beverage’s excursion as a result of Guochao and product extension

Alluring Beverage(????)are a tea brand name while it began with Changsha, Hunan State, Asia. Created by the Zhang Zhongzheng in the 2013, the fresh-concept teas strings has grown their systems away from areas, having a robust presence from inside the places particularly Wuhan, Chongqing, and you may Chengdu, even though their primary sources remain in Changsha. It’s not simply a favorite one of Changsha’s customers but is served by become an iconic cultural icon of one’s town, a necessity-visit to have tourist when investigating that it brilliant appeal. By the end regarding 2022, the brand boasted 546 stores across the country, from which nearly 450 were based in Hunan Province.

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It Changsha-mainly based brand mainly offers tea and you will candies, properly fusing Chinese tea culture that have West types, prioritizing the newest tea’s quality and you may creating sweet, heat, and you can meal to meet personal choices. In the 2020, Sexy Teas ranked sixth one of the top extremely precious teas drink names when you look at the Asia

China’s the fresh new tea drink marketplace is booming and you may competitive

The prosperity of which Chinese brand new-concept teas brand are directly intertwined towards vibrant growth of the tea refreshment community within the China, fueled from the increasing appeal off Chinese users to have book and high-high quality teas experiences.Continue reading